Product - Multi-Function Solar Power Electrical Fan

Product Introduction

The multi-function solar power electrical fan can be powered by DC/AC.It has a storage battery inside,which can supply power to the fan when electricity goes out,or let the emergency light work at night.This fan can be taken anywhere without the limits of sockets,which bring you more safety and convenience.This fan is controlled by Micro Controller Unit.It has Auto battery charging /discharging circuit with touchable switch.


Technical Data
1.Working temperature:-10℃ to +40 ℃
2.Rated input voltage:AC220V50HZ
3.Power of lighting:13W
4.Power of fan:12W Power of solar panel:5W/10W
5.Battery:6V 4.5AH*2
6.Working hour: The light tube can be separately work for:10 hours
                           Fan works at low wind speed level:7 hours
                           Fan works at medium wind speed level:5hours
                           Fan works at strong wind speed level: 4hours
7.the battery will be fully charged after being charged for 10 houts by solar panel.     



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