Product - Solar power system

1KW System Features

※ True sine wave output (THD<3%)

※ Advanced microprocessor

※ LCM operating interface

※ High efficiency (>90%)


※ Easy maintenance, low cost

※ IP Level: IP21



1KW Solar System Advantages

1. Independent power supply, without being limited by the geographical position, no fuel consumption,
solar inexhaustible, without risk.

2. Does not cause environmental pollution, safe and reliable, no noise, no pollution emission, pollutionfree.

3. Products small size, light weight, easy tear open outfit, mobile convenience, engineering installation
of low cost, low failure rate and long life.

4. Don't need to consume fuel and power grid installation, on-site power supply.

5. Pure and clean power supply, not affected by other power grid, a variety of protection function.

6. Short construction period, the scale at random, the short time of extracting energy.

7. Are widely used in all kinds of electrical appliances, very suitable for lack of electricity, without
electricity in the family, country, prairie areas, mountains, island, highway in remote places, such as
household electrical appliances and lighting applications.

8. Permanent, as long as there is the sun, solar power can be an investment and long-term use.    







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