Product - Solar portable home system

Solar Portable Home System includes solar charge, storage, discharge control and load use. It has low power consumption high efficiency, system security protection, multi-power-source output, load end
Plug and Play.On basis of simple diversity of system design, system divides into four parts: solar module, charge and discharge management module, battery and optional load.

◆ External battery

◆ Solar charge and expand

◆ AC to DC power charge

◆ Home lighting

◆ Computer, Television, Media, Radio, ..... etc.

◆ DC to AC inverter

◆ DC to DC power charge

◆ USB Booster and connect cables and charge adapter

◆ LED light




      Main Products
+ Solar home light
+ Solar power system
+ Solar flash light
+ Solar mosquito killer
+ Solar Charger
+ Solar bag
+ Solar desk lamp
+ Solar lantern
+ Solar portable home system
+ Solar integrated street light













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